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About this Book: Voytek the Soldier Bear

Book Cover - Voytek (Wojtek, Vojtek) the Soldier BearContents:

  • Factual Account
  • Children's Story

This is an informative book for adults and also contains an entertaining story for young children.

Each book contains both English and Polish languages.

The Story of the Iranian Bear named Voytek (Wojtek,Vojtek), mascot of the Polish Army (The Polish bear).

Illustration of Polish soldier and Wojtek (Voytek, Vojtek)This story is based on fact. This is a story about a remarkable bear who displayed almost human characteristics....and yet it is a story about so much more.

It is a story that gives a glimpse into Poland's history during very dark times. Readers will gain a fascinating insight into the people's courage and bravery during these times of great upheaval.

Sadly, these times in Poland's history have been largely forgotten or ignored whilst the country was under Communist rule.

Voytek`s story will take you through the Second World War from 1942 and on to 1963. From the mountains in Persia (Iran) where Voytek was born....To the middle east and his adventures!....To the Illustration of polish bear with dogBattle for Monte Cassino (Italy), regarded as one of the hardest fought battles of WWII.....and finally to Scotland, Voytek`s new home.


The following are extracts from the book: Factual Account

“In September 1939 Germany and Russia invaded Poland.”

“Within a few months an estimated 1.5 million Polish men and their families were transported to work in Russian labour camps in Siberia.”

“Russia was suffering terrible losses and they were forced to sign a Polish – Soviet agreement. The Polish Army was formed.”

Illustration of Iranian boy - Mountains of Iran“It was on a trip through the mountains in Iran,…..that the soldiers came upon a young boy at the road side.…the soldiers took pity on him and gave him what food they could spare.……..The boy gave the cub to the soldiers.”

“The Battle for Monte Cassino....one of the hardest fought battles....could not be taken....the Polish Second Army Corps., under the command of Gen. Wladslaw Anders did it.”

“Voytek and the soldiers arrived at Winfield Camp, Berwickshire in October 1946. In November 1947 Pyotr (Peter) took Voytek to Edinburgh Zoo. He walked with Voytek into his cage.”Illustration of Wojtek (Voytek) on Polish Ship coming to Glasgow - Map of Scotland

“Great Britain went to war for Poland....in February 1945 an exhausted Prime Minister Churchill and a dying President Roosevelt agreed to Stalin’s demands and left Poland behind the Iron Curtain.”

Illustration of Polish soldier feeding bear cub Wojtek (Voytek)



Children's Story

"The soldiers made a baby`s

bottle and fed the little bear cub....The soldiers called him Voytek."


Illustration of Polish soldier wrestling Wojtek (Voytek) the bear

"Voytek grew and grew! He still enjoyed wrestling with the

men.....However, now it was on his terms....he could even empty their pockets!!"


Read more of Voytek's amazing story...


Book Details

Author: Garry Paulin

Illustrator: Sophie Stubbs

Book Title: Voytek the Soldier Bear

Publisher: Contact Garry Paulin

Picture of a Polish Army BadgeISBN: 978-0-9558295-0-5

Copyright: 2008


English & Polish in the same book

Book Binding: Paperback

No. Pages: 44

Size of Book:

7" x 10" / 170mm x 245mm

Polish Army Cap Badge  

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Garry Paulin


I am a teacher of Technical subjects in Eyemouth High School,Picture of Author Garry Paulin Scottish Borders. People ask me many questions about Voyteks` story. Probably, the most common being “Why did you write this book?” – My answer – I was gripped by his (Voytek) story and also the people’s history. This is the first book that I have produced. I am currently looking for more inspiring stories.


Sophie Stubbs


I am a former pupil of Eyemouth High School. This is where I was taught Craft and Design by Garry for Standard Grades and Higher. I then furthered my artistic studies at Glasgow School of Art (Visual Illustrator Sophie StubbsCommunication) specialising in Illustration.

I graduated just last June with a BDes and since August last year I have been working for small-media-large, a small design company in Glasgow city centre.
My favourite drawing from the book is the one where voytek is looking up at the Zoo, his new home. I like how you can see Edinburgh castle in the background.
I am currently working on my own website, in order to create an online portfolio where people can see my latest work and past projects. This should be online within the next month!

Sophie's contact details

email: Sophie Stubbs
website: www.sophiegetseverywhere.com link to another website

MySpace page: www.myspace.com/maybeeye Link to another website
Tel. number: 07800521828

based in Glasgow, Scotland

Garry's contact details

email: Garry Paulin

website: www.voytekbear.com



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